japantown & chinatown engagement shoot

For Jessica & Koji's engagement session, we worked our way through Japantown and Chinatown and took in the sights...I had a hard time resisting the urge to stop for food, but I managed to keep it together and we got some great shots. 

In Japantown, we started with some shots at the Peace Pagoda and then worked our way up to the main gate.

japantown engagement photography san francisco

After that, we were off to Chinatown...since the Chinese New Year festival had taken place just the day before, a lot of the streets were still blocked off, the paper lanterns were hung, and we made sure to take advantage! 

After a stroll through Chinatown, I was dangerously close to dropping everything to grab some fresh dim sum, so we ducked away and jammed up a side street to hit Nob Hill for some sunset views...it's just a shame we didn't have any fun along the way. :-D